Children’s beds in the shape of cars and various vehicles

Do you want to furnish your children’s bedroom in a creative and truly original way? If your children are motor lovers, then you can choose theme elements and, in particular, here we will present over 70 beds in the form of cars and various vehicles. Needless to say that the children will go crazy with the discovery of their bed in a bolted Formula 1, rally or inspired by trucks and trucks … you can then choose to furnish the entire bedroom inspired by the world of cars or to insert inside only the bed in this particular style, perhaps taking care to match it, for example, with the colors of the walls. Naturally, the over 70 beds in the shape of cars and various vehicles are also made for little girls and in particular you will find some models of the double versions in different color variations (an example is the bus in shades of blue and pink). All the beds are made with special care and you can admire the details of the wheels, the stickers that sponsor during the races, without forgetting the unique shape of each of them that ranges from aerodynamic to functional.



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