Bizarre Houses

This bizarre house overhanging the Seine river in Vernon, 5 km from Giverny, surprises and puzzles many visitors. It seems so strange that somebody had the idea of building it this way! No wonder when you know that it once was a mill. The wheel doesn’t exist anymore. In the Middle Ages mills were currently built on bridges. Monet was inspired by this old house. He painted it from his studio boat.  The painting is now in the museum of Fine Arts in New Orleans.

The next house looks as if it is made up of cargo containers. I would be afraid to stand so close to the windows or put any heavy furniture in that room.

This house is shaped like a fishing boat. Although there are several houses made from real boats out there, this one was just designed in the shape of a boat. It is only two stories, and is the size of an average town house.
This building has a dragon or serpent wrapped around the outside. It is not actually part of the architecture, just added on the outside.
This horrible house can be used in an horro film, but it is really used by human to live… really incredible…