Arco, bright Italian design icon

Italian industrial design has had among its most representative and creative members the Castiglioni brothers, creators of real cult pieces disseminated in various museums around the world: just think that 14 of their works are exhibited at MoMa in New York !

The Arco lamp, a design of 1962, which is embodied in the Flos catalog, and perhaps in its essence the project that best embodies the iconic status of Italian design, with the extreme rigidity of its shapes.
Contemporaneously illuminate the floor and the ceiling: The arc fits with a very straightforward and perforated diffuser that projects the light in the most appropriate way thanks to the white interior.

The steel arch that supports it is adjustable in length, just to make the most of this light source of light, and engages in a robust Carrara marble base to guarantee its stability. The base itself has a practical hole through which to pass a stick, so that it can be easily moved in spite of considerable weight.

The bow has been deeply admired and repeatedly imitated over the years, as evidenced by the Twiggy models of Foscarini, designed by Marc Sadler, with particularly elegant and sophisticated lines that fit well into a contemporary setting, but also with Morosini’s Ribbon design by Andrea Lazzari, a particularly modern lamp that uses the softness of silk, cut into thin strips, to build the character of its diffuser.

Ideas for enlightening our environments make us discover amazing materials and solutions, and never have to go too far: we have here in Italy enough knowledge and passion for the beautiful design to please even the most demanding!

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