3 reasons to choose a bed with a container

The bed is the must of the bedroom. It is the decor element that gives character to the room and is the focus of the sleeping area. Beyond style and materials, a bed must have at least three indispensable requirements to enhance the bedroom and meet the needs of those who live it: it must be inviting, causing the feeling of rest at the first glance
aesthetically it must marry perfectly with the other furnishing elements without making the environment unusual
must allow to optimize spaces.

To have a bed that gives the immediate feeling of rest, which is beautiful aesthetically and also allows to optimize the spaces, the ideal is to choose a padded bed with the container. An artisan bed has unique requirements, such as the robustness of the structure, the bedside bed, and the quality of the net and the supports that allow it to be lifted.

A bed with a handcrafted craft box must have a multilayer poplar structure of two centimeters thick, finished as if it were a real furniture. This material in addition to providing strength to the bed, is also extremely elastic and therefore responds well to the loads avoiding sudden breaks.

The use of the multilayer also makes it possible to tighten the bed net more firmly. In fact, instead of the common screwed screws on the wood to fasten the grid plates, with the plywood multilayer two centimeters thick, use the through bolts that make the mesh set better.

This also allows the use of a double lift mechanism of the net using the hydraulic pistons, such as those used to open the rear hatch of the car. In the bed with handicraft box the hydraulic piston is calibrated according to the weight of the installed net to minimize the lifting effort of the net which takes place almost naturally.


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