The 15 strangest chairs in the world

Not always an object of everyday use must be trivial, sometimes a simple element as the chair can become a real work of art: here is a selection of the most impressive chairs in the world. The chair, a piece of furniture par excellence, has always been the subject of research and design. All the greatest designers and architects have tried at least once in the design of a chair, from Alvar Aalto to Bouroullec, from Le Corbusier to Gio Ponti’s Superleggera. The Barcelona Chair, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, is for example an indispensable piece of modern design, a real must-have sought around the world. Many of the chairs we know are true icons of design that have marked the history of architecture. The study and design of a chair, although to an inexperienced eye may seem something trivial, actually hides a complexity due to the simplicity of the element and the perfect balance between its various parts, which ensures stability. And even the simplest furniture, for everyday use, like a chair, can be transformed into a work of art in the hands of an expert designer or an artist. Finding a delicate balance between art and comfort is not an easy task, and it is precisely the delicate balance achieved between ergonomics and art that makes the chair one of the most fascinating and stimulating furnishings. There are many shapes and materials with which a chair can be made, as it is in itself one of the most investigated fields in the world of design. “The chair, in the classical form, consists of a horizontal plane (the ‘sitting’), the supporting legs (four in number) and a support backrest, just as the seat or back can take different shapes, the legs can also be three, or, in particular contexts, in number one (for example in the chairs of a bar) “. We tend to spend a lot of time sitting. We sit down at work. We sit down while commuting to and from work. We sit down once we get home. But, if we are sitting all the time, why do we persist in staying on old and banal chairs? Here is a selection of the most impressive chairs you can sit on.



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